Wednesday, October 19, 2011

White Garden Flower Wedding Decoration

Sanctity of a wedding is reflected in the use of white color to overall wedding details such as wedding decoration. Various creations can be encountered with white color. One of them is the arrangement of white flower on the table decorations. A bouquet of white garden roses can be put at the middle of table surrounded by candles in glasses. Then, it is followed by sets of white dishes with serviette, crystal glasses and white spoons and forks. For more perfect white detail, choose white table and seats. And the result is your special day will be rejoiced with the cool and fresh look of fully white wedding decoration.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

12 Amazing and Inspiring Wedding Cake Designs

Wedding cakes become the important part in our wedding day. because without wedding cake our wedding day will be tasteless and there will be something missing. wedding cake is like a condiment in food. if it is absent the food will be tasteless and it will reduce our desire in eating, as well as the wedding cake. however the simple wedding cake also will never give memorable moments in your special day. so the big question that often rises to the brides is how to make a amazing,wonderful,modern,and elegant wedding cake designs that can give us memorable moment. you might have often found the wedding cake designs unfortunately they are often displayed in limited pictures. therefore, we would like to give you more options in order you can choose your own wedding cakes and absolutely fits to your wedding concepts. because each cake is individually designed to your specifications using fine hand crafted sugar decorations. the designer's attention to detail is exemplary and we can match any element from your wedding color scheme or complement your theme by using details from the wedding dress, invitations or jewelery. these 12 amazing wedding cakes designs will give you more inspiring wedding cakes. this wedding cakes are made of Madagascar vanilla bean cake, Amedei Chuao chocolate butter cream, sugar flowers and sugar plaques, satab ribbon. so besides they have beautiful, amazing, inspiring and elegant appearance, they also have sweet taste so the invited guests could enjoy your wedding cakes. are they amazing, aren't they..?.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sensual Low Back Wedding Dress Designs

Low back wedding dress again becomes a hit this year. It is no wonder, considering that the weather is so hot around the world. This low back wedding dress is the right choice for bride comfort. Indeed, low back detail a bit daring to bear bride beauty skin. But, the detail of the dress is also unique and beautiful paired with mermaid concept at the skirt. There are several shape of low back detail such as flash, suppliers and, low back draped and many more detail usually applied. These kinds of low back detail have its own beauty and sensuality to support the whole look of wedding dress.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wedding Hairstyle Inspiration from Cannes

Wedding hairstyle can be found in varieties of beautiful and elegant style. Call it braided up do, side curls, comb, crowns and many others. Basically, these hairdos for wedding can also be applied in a formal event as seen in last Canes Festival 2011. Some socialites apply some wedding hairdo to their hair. You can see Bryce Dallas Howard with her braided up do, Karolina Kurkova and her off-to-the-side curls or her messy bun with hairband, Hofit Goland with super-loose side up do and Rachel McAdam keep simple in flippy half- up hair. Well, now ladies, it’s your turn to pick one of your favorite for your wedding style.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bottle Invitations Designs for Beach Favor Wedding

Have you ever imagine making bottle invitation to your wedding? It seems so silly but unexpectedly it is unique and creative thing to do. Bottle invitations are very exotic to give tropical atmosphere to your sacred day. It is of course must be fitted to your wedding theme. But, there is no gut to try this idea. You can simply order it to wedding stationary or make it yourself. There some tips for you if you really intend to apply this wedding favor: First, make sure you choose crystal clear bottle. Then, you can personalize it by adding decoration in the same color as other wedding items. The last is wording or you can take song lyric and poems to your bottle invitation. Happy Trying Couple!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Simple and Gorgeous Hairstyles for Bride

Every woman absolutely wants to look perfect on her wedding day. So it is a worthy thing that details preparation such as wedding dress, make up and hairdo is very important. In the terms of hairstyle, many styles can be applied depending on the brides taste. You can do crown style for example. Simply put sparkling jewel tiara to the top of head and you go with it. Comb hairdo can be another alternative, add lovely flower accessory to make it perfect. Barrette, back piece and or Juliet cap are other style choices. Make sure that the style is fit with makeup and accessories to look more stunning.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Promising Love Symbol of Classy Wedding Cakes

In the midst of a variety of wedding cake display, classic wedding cake is still loved. This classic cake is believed to be a symbol of true love that portrayed through the characteristics of white cake, which means pure love and simple decoration to sweeten its look. Of course, during the time, this classy wedding cake also appears to follow a modern taste.  Bakers usually give a touch of the recent flavor although the basic white classic cake remains the same but classic does not look out of date. And importantly classic cake is no less tasty.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Audrey Elegant Floor-Length Wedding Gown Designs

Having memorable and elegant wedding ceremony is every bridal dream and I believe you do too. However to make it come true is not easy as we overlap the hands, we need some deeper think then find the ideas to create the elegant wedding concepts. If you are not the expert of weeding gown design do not worry because I would like to share the elegant wedding gown named Audrey which was designed in Shanghai, China. This wedding gown designs are made of Chemical fiber, with fabric Chiffon , and Sleeveless designing. and they will be fit to you. I guarantee that your wedding day will be most memorable day in your life time. for more details information, let's take a look the pictures below.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Spotlight of Wedding Suit Complicity for Man

In a wedding, a bride fashion usually pays the primary focus. But this year, a groom’s takes a role in the same portion. During the time where is known the term of metrosexual, a man is also more detailed and independent to choose his wedding suit. He is no longer accepting the chosen suit prescribed for him. So, no wonder if now the term of wedding suit complicity is a booming name in the case of wedding fashion for man. Wedding suit complicity normally refers to variant elegant suit range from shiny classic suit to metallic suit.