Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sacred Wedding Ceremony with Fabulous Decoration

Each couple must have a special and different dream about wedding ceremony concept among other couples. So no wonder if a lot of unique concept of marriage can be encountered in our daily lives. This concept can be seen one of them through the use of unusual wedding decorations as follow:

Wedding Ceremony with Handmade Lanterns Decoration
Dozens of lanterns hanging in a big tree is one of brilliant concepts for a wedding decoration. The light from these lanterns gives beauty and meaning of its own, especially in early evening.

Wedding Ceremony with Embroidery Hoops Decoration
Embroidery Hoops gives the impression of vintage in a wedding ceremony. This decoration arouses a classic and elegant atmosphere.

Wedding Ceremony with Tent Fabric Decoration
Black and white striped tent fabric is perfect alternative to give different shades in a marriage. Classic black and white color is so elegant and casual for couple sacred moment.

Wedding Ceremony with Fabric Ribbons Decoration
Combination of fabric ribbons is a unique theme for wedding decorations. Cascade of fabric Ribbons are also able to imply a personal style of bridge and groom.

Wedding Ceremony with Sign Wooden Decoration
The warmth of wood decor adds to the sanctity of marriage, especially with a bride and groom love tag line.

Wedding Ceremony with Flowers and Decoration Paper Pinwheels
Dreaming of a dramatic wedding atmosphere, the giant paper flower decorations with paper pinwheels and kite can be a quirky decoration for a wedding ceremony.

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